Monday, January 14, 2013

CANUCKS STUFF - Season Tickets

The eight year old boy inside of me gets a little excited when my pops comes home and says, "I have some hockey stuff for ya." What was it he had? Take a look for yourself:

That is 13 different season ticket holder books from 6 different seasons.

Now the boy inside of me said, "This is gonna be so cool, you can add these into your ticket collection and one day they're gonna be worth millions!"

The 17 year old teenager said, "What are you gonna do with a bunch of unredeemed play-off tickets from non-existent games?"

The eight year old boy won. Of course I kept the books, they're freakin cool!

Basically these books are from past years where the Canucks made the play-offs (or the organization thought they were gonna make the play-offs).

Before the play-offs start, all the season ticket holders get their ticket books for the upcoming rounds.

Sometimes you'd have an entire booklet of unused tickets because the Canucks came 9th place and didn't make it. 

There are even tickets for rounds that lasted only 4, 5 or 6 games so the other tickets are for games that never happened.

Even though all my tickets prior to this were from games I had attended and I was proud of that fact; this is pretty rad as well

Now for some show and tell:


That flat booklet to the left is from the 2007-08 season for round 1. Unfortunately, the Canucks did not qualify for the play-offs that year. That's why that booklet is untouched and actually should never had existed. Kinda cool huh?

The booklet to the right is actually from last season. It's also neat seeing how the tickets have changed over the years and the different themes.

The tickets to the left look similar to those of last season but are actually from the 2011 play-offs. Then to the right we have a completely different design, with the theme of retired Canucks (Stan Smyl, Kirk McLean, Trevor Linden and Greg Adams).

From 2008-09 are these set of tickets, again going with the Canucks Alumni theme. From left to right is Adams, Snepsts, Linden (I think) and Smyl.

I thought this was kinda a neat find; very unique to be exact. Who knows maybe these will get passed down from generation to generation and they'll be worth more than a bucket of nickels. That may just be the eight year old boy talking...



  1. Those are really cool, and out of the ordinary. Season tickets definitely look better than your every day game ticket.

  2. Hi, you have some great stuff. I am in the hunt for the round one tickets from last year 2012. Just wondering if you would make a deal for them. Cash or trade. I actually need just one ticket. Round one home game 3. It'd be a gift for a friend.
    Thank you