Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OOPSIES! Contest #3 - Dan Cloutier Error

Round 3 of the "OOPSIES" contest will boot off what should be a big (not spread apart) series of posts. Why not start off with some Cloutier love?

Just like Dan wasn't the most spotless goalie in the world, his cards got messy sometimes as well. That being said, this error should be pretty easy to spot. Another stat pumper, if you will...

So that is the card on tap. Happy guesses!

As per usual here is how the scoreboard works:

1) Find error and comment correctly (2 points)
2) Be the first person to find the error and comment correctly (3 points)
3) Find the error partially, but not in it's entirety (1 point)
4) READ, but can't find the error although looking. Comments saying "I dunno" or something along those lines (0.5 points)

And if you are wondering where you are in the standings, look no further:

1. Brad Larocque - 4 points
2. 1976ers - 3 points
    NordH - 3 points
    Jess - 3 points
    Cap'n Canuck - 3 points
    JGBlargh - 3 points
    Sébastian Hell - 3 points
    Kazi - 3 points
    Jason - 3 points
10. Dave H - 2.5 points
      Kevin Osimitz - 2.5 points
      Skroeker - 2.5 points
13. JS - 2 points
      BTHCC Kyle - 2 points
      Sean - 2 points
      Hockey Fan (Paul) - 2 points
17. Matt Pederson - 0.5 points 



  1. Toronto Maple Leafs-emblem on the front instead of the much more beautiful Vancouver Canucks-emblem.

  2. the back of the card talks about Nov, 25, 2001, which is part of the 2001/02 season. It should read Nov. 25, 2000. It also says he got double digit wins, but there are only 7 listed in the stat line.

  3. When did Cloutier end up in TO? Good one.

  4. Toronto Maple Leafs logo on the front.

  5. Text says he has 10 wins, but stat line only shows 7 wins!

  6. looks like an asterisk by his SP *892

  7. The error is that the card has a Leafs logo in the bottom right hand corner on the front side of the card and it should be a Canucks logo.

  8. There is a Toronto Maple Leafs Logo on the front of the card instead of a Vancouver Canucks, although it actually looks like the Leafs logo is on top of a Canucks logo

  9. Haha the Leafs logo on the front? Shouldn't it be the 'Nucks logo?

  10. Damn, that is a REAL EASY one. Has to be the Maple Leafs logo on top of the Canucks logo on the front of the card.

  11. It's not the bit about 10 wins, is it? That wouldn't be an error, as it was talking about the season in progress ('01-02)

  12. There is a Maple Leafs logo on the lower-right corner of the card front, but Cloutier never played for the Maple Leafs.

  13. The Maple Leafs logo on the front of the card? What's up with that? hahaha

  14. The card has the Toronto Maple Leafs logo on the front and not Vancouver.

  15. Dang. What's with the ''*'' in front of his save %?